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Cycle in Italy was founded with the purpose of catering to cyclists who are either cycling enthusiasts and/or quite serious about cycling and want to travel and ride their bikes while on vacation. Two great rewards in one fabulous vacation.

Our rides are based out of the foothills of the Veneto alps where many Giro D'Italia have been staged. It's a picturesque part of Italy where the mountainous challenges are endless. What differentiates us from many other companies is that the company is based in an area not as densely populated and not as well known to the casual tourist or cyclist. We will help you stay safe while riding your bike and immersing you in the everyday lives of common Italians( minus the tourism and associated tourist traps). Nevertheless, the location ( home base) is located closely to the well-known cities of cities of Venice (approximately 80 miles), Vicenza, Verona and Bassano del Grappa.

We realize that everyone is at a different level and therefore we have have designed trips to accommodate for cyclists who have different goals on their trip. Private groups, teams or clubs can ask for the training camp version. All we ask is to bring along your passion for the bicycle.

Friends of Travel/Tourism and Local Development in Italy