Different ways to enjoy our trips in Italy: ( Guided and Self-Guided) for 2018

Customized/Guided(restricted schedule)

1. Gather your cycling friends(5 minimum) and get them to commit to a minimum of 7 days of riding in the Alps and have us guide you in the the area.

a. Option A: Stay for a week in the surrounding area. Pricing starts at $2000/week/per person. 2 week stay starting at $3000 per person.

b. Option B: Stay 1 week in the surrounding area along with 1 side trip, for example ,riding to Lake Garda , or experiencing the Dolomites, etc.(minimum 10 days).Pricing starts at $2500 for 10 days per person.

c. Option C: Round trip starting at home base for 1 week and riding roundabout way back to the airport in Venice experiencing the Dolomites. ( minimum 2 weeks). Pricing starts at $3500/person.

d. Option D: 9 days in the mountains around Laghi and minimum 5 days riding in Tuscany. Pricing starts at $3500/person.

Side Trip Suggestions:

Lake Garda( 3 days)

Tour of the Lakes( Garda, Iseo, Como, Maggiore) (10 days)

Dolomites( 3 days)

Prosecco Area( 3 days)

Tuscany( Florence, San Gimignano, Volterra) (5 days)

Bormio(Passo Gavia, Stelvio)

In all cases for guided trips , you tell us what you prefer, we design the trip and take care of the details for a stress-free vacation.

Self-Guided ( available all year round)

2. Get the same group of friends to rent the home base ( 3 formal bedrooms plus an attic bedroom) and plan your own rides with the suggested routes provided. Maximum 8 guests.

Cost: $1750 first week. ( 1 week minimum)

Solo Riders

3. At this time no solo riders are accepted for tours.

Definitions: Beginner to Intermediate: Riders looking for a leisurely pace or new to riding. ( C to B- riders)

                    Intermediate to Advanced: Riders looking for a spirited ride and/or challenge.

                                                               Great for couples who ride at different levels.( B to A- riders)

                    Advanced to Expert: Riders looking mostly to improve their skills and abilities. (A- to A riders).

                    Expert to Professional riders: Riders who race at a high competitive level. (A to A+ riders) 


General Pre-Trip Consideration Questions:

Q1. Will I be able to keep up with the group?

We generally cater to people who are fit. Age does not necessarily matter. In fact, in my experience, retirees have more time to get fit than working individuals in some cases, and generally do well with respect to stamina. Make sure to pick the group that best fits your cycling abilities. The current rides available are not for beginners or those who don't ride their bikes at least 100 miles per week for 10 consecutive weeks prior to the trip.

These are the general minimal recommendations for different groups:(if specified)

a. Beginner to Intermediate: less than 100 miles per week. ( No trips available at this time.)

b.Intermediate to Advanced: 100-150 miles per week. Well suited for couples of different abilities.

c. Advanced to Expert:150-200 miles per week.

d. Expert and Beyond: more than 200 miles per week.

Q2. What are the roads like?

Hilly at best and mountainous being the norm. You will encounter ascents up to 18 % but more on the average of 4-8 %. Just remember everything that comes up must come down and therefore you can rest on the way down.

Q3.What is the weather like that time of year?

Italy often suffers from a heat wave in the summertime. The best place to be is therefore in the mountains where we will be located and riding. The mornings and evening may require a light windbreaker or sweater but as 11 am comes along and the sun shines , then shorts and short sleeves are more appropriate.

Q4. What does the trip include?

Week long trips include transportation to/from Venice, all meals and accommodations. Wine included with dinner; additional alcohol not included. Bike not included. However bikes can be provided at an additional cost. Some larger travel companies suggest up to 400 Euros in gratuity for their trip leaders because this is mainly how their leaders get paid. This tour is all inclusive and we don't ask more from you. Save it for a Gondola ride in Venice!

Q5. Can I sign up for less than 1 week?

Provided, there is still room available and a minimum of 5 has already been met, you can come for less than 1 week at a daily rate charge.

Q6. Are trips guaranteed?

We have a 5 person minimum. Deadline is for all participants to be paid up by May 1st. If we don't have enough people participating, we may ask you to join another group.

Q7.How large are the groups?

We try to keep the groups to a number of no more than 15 to ensure quality but in rare circumstances this may be more.

Q8. Can I bring a non-rider with me? How about a teenager under the age of 18?

Yes. The location is surrounded with majestic scenery. and a relaxing atmosphere. However, it is probably a good idea to have a car available if he/she would like to visit the nearby cities of Bassano del Grappa, Marostica, Verona, Padua or Venice. They can definitely joins us in the afternoons for day trips to some of these areas or any planned hiking into the mountains as well as all meals. There are no discounts for non-riders unfortunately.

With respect to minors under the age of 18, as long as he/she meets the riding recommendations as in Q1, has an adult with him/her and has his/her legal guardian sign the waiver, then he/she may definitely come along.

Q9. When is final payment due and are tips included?

Final payment is due May 1st and is non-refundable. If worried about it being non-refundable, get travel insurance ( see below in Pre-trip Qs.). No tips, see Q4.

Q10. How far in advance should I book my bike tour and flight to Venice?

We suggest you book your tour with us earlier within the year and book your flight after we have confirmed your trip is still running ( first week of May).

Pre-Trip Questions:

Q1. Should I get trip insurance?

If you feel there is a remote possibility you may cancel, then yes. You may want to use insurance such as Travel Insured ( www.travelinsured.com). They also provide health insurance that we recommend on any trip.

Q2. How do I get my bike there?

It is generally best to either buy a bike box and disassemble it minimally to have it fit in the box or have your local bike shop do it for you. We recommend the bike travels in the same plane as you do.When you do get to Italy , we will help you put it all back together again and re-pack it if needed. Note that I have successfully managed to put 2 bikes in a ProBike box in the past and managed to save on the cost of a second bike box and the additional luggage airport charge( for a second bike box).

Q3. Do I need a passport?

Absolutely. As you may already know, you cannot travel internationally anywhere at this time without it. In fact, if you plan to also drive in Italy, get an International Driver's license from AAA. This will save you lots of anxiety if you ever get stopped while driving in Italy.

Q4.Where do I stay pre and post your tour with us?

We suggest you spend the days pre and post tour in Venice but if you plan for a much longer vacation then, the lake region of Garda, Como and Maggiore are great get-aways or even the cities of Florence and Rome.

Location of Main Office:

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Hours:Mon - Fri: 8:30 - 4:30 EST.,Sat & Sun: Closed Phone: 772-766-2239 ,Fax:772-539-8515

Home Base in Italy:

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